[slurm-users] Limit a partition or host to jobs less than 4 cores?

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 30 15:49:57 UTC 2020

Probably the best way to accomplish this is via a job_submit.lua 
script.  That way you can reject at submission time.  There isn't a 
feature in the partition configurations that I am aware that can 
accomplish this but a custom job_submit script certainly can.

-Paul Edmon-

On 9/30/2020 11:44 AM, Jim Kilborn wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is a way to limit a partition (or a host in
> a partition) to only allow jobs less than x number of cores. It would
> be preferable to not have to move the host to a seperate partition,
> but we could if necessary. I just want to have a place that only small
> jobs can run. I cant find a parameter in slurm.conf that allows this,
> or I am overlooking something.
> Thanks in advance!

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