[slurm-users] Working with local licenses

Tager, Alexey alexeyt at amazon.com
Fri Sep 25 08:25:33 UTC 2020

Hi Ahmet,

We tried remote licenses, but encountered following issues, which lead us to using of local licenses.
- only low case while inserting by sacctmgr
 - dead locks and duplicate records
- direct insert is working and case sensitive, but scontrol doesn't see change until slurmctld restart


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You don't need to modify slurm.conf and reconfigure. There is a remote/dynamic licenses feature:


You can add licenses using scontrol command such as:

sacctmgr add resource name=matlab count=50 server=rlm_host \
   servertype=rlm type=license


Ahmet M.

On 25.09.2020 11:09, Tager, Alexey wrote:
> Hello,
> We use  local licenses by updating slurm.conf with script,
> which talking with FlexLM
> We execute “scontrol reconfigure” every 1 min after file change in 
> crontab
> Users get following error when run slurm commands (srun,scontrol etc.) 
> during
> crontab execution, as result srun failed on license request
> Any option to prevent such behavior ?
> [September 24, 2020, 7:18 PM] Tager, Alexey: scontrol: error: Parse 
> error in file /tools/slurm/etc/slurm_licenses.conf line 10: "Licenses="
> scontrol: error: "Include" failed in file /tools/slurm/etc/slurm.conf 
> line 13
> scontrol: fatal: Unable to process configuration file
> /Alexey Tager/

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