[slurm-users] Compiling Slurm with nvml support

Dana, Jason T. Jason.Dana at jhuapl.edu
Thu Sep 24 19:31:29 UTC 2020


I hopefully have a quick question.

I have compiled Slurm RPMs on a CentOS system with nvidia drivers installed so that I can utilize AutoDetect=nvml configuration in our GPU nodes’ gres.conf. All seems to be going well on the GPU nodes since I have done that. I was unable to install the slurm RPM on the control/master node as the RPM required libnvidia-ml.so to be installed. The control/master and other compute nodes don’t have any nvidia cards attached to them, so I believed installing the drivers just to satisfy this requirement might not be the best idea. I recreated the RPM without the drivers present to get around this and everything has been working great as far as I can tell.

I am now working on adding pmix support that I didn’t properly add initially and am encountering this situation again. I figured I would send up a flag and see if maybe I am going about this the wrong way. Is it typical to have to compile the slurm RPMs for different types of nodes or am I completely going about this the wrong way?

Thanks in advance!

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