[slurm-users] Option for remote licenses to be case sensitive in slurm ?

Tager, Alexey alexeyt at amazon.com
Wed Sep 16 13:41:36 UTC 2020


We are trying to work with remote licenses on slurmdbd  and AWS RDS.
sacctmgr insert license in database only as case insensitive - always lower case.
We have a lot of EDA licenses which use mixed upper/lower case in feature names,
so it might be a problem to work with lower case only.
I am wondering if there is some slurm configuration option to change such behavior.

Inserting direct sql INSERT to res_table resulting in proper license case as below:
insert into res_table VALUES(1600181125,1600181125,0,1069279,'Amba-Vis-ttt1','test1','flexlm','flmserver',100,1,0);

Then did a select in mysql cli :
       | flexlm  | lm         |     2 |    1 |     0 |
|    1600181125 | 1600181125 |       0 | 1069279 | Amba-Vis-ttt1                | test1                          | flexlm  | duba-lic01 |   100 |    1 |     0 |

Also sacctmgr show proper case:
sacctmgr list Resource |grep -i amba
Amba-Vis-+ flmserver  License    100           0     flexlm

So direct insert to database is working, but by sacctmgr isn't

Any help will be appreciated
Thank you
Alexey Tager

Alexey Tager
DevOps IT
Annapurna Labs on Amazon company

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