[slurm-users] Slurmctld and log file

Gestió Servidors sysadmin.caos at uab.cat
Tue Sep 8 09:41:32 UTC 2020


I don't know why, but my SLURM server (that is running fine) has its slurmdctl.log file with size 0 bytes... so... where is writting logs? It seems that log file has 0 bytes from logrotate process during today's early morning. My logrotate SLURM conf is this:
[root at server logrotate.d]# cat slurm
    rotate 7

Now, I have run "scontrol reconfigure" and, voilà, file /var/log/slurmdctl.log has appeared... but it doesn't show log info from logrotate execution to scontrol execution, so I have lost log info...

Is a logrotate problem or is a SLURM one?

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