[slurm-users] Priority QOS with Preempt on Some Resources?

Jason Simms simmsj at lafayette.edu
Tue Sep 1 20:15:15 UTC 2020

Hello all,

I have a couple of users, each of whom has contributed funds to purchase a
node for the cluster, much like a condo system. Each node has 52 cores, so
I'd like to provide each user with preempt access for up to 52 cores. I can
configure that easily enough with a QOS for each user with GrpCPUs=52, as
far as I can tell, and then they would request that QOS in their batch
files. Seems simple.

To me, this seems like if they want to use more than 52 CPUs, they would
have to submit jobs without specifying the QOS. That is, what I want is for
their jobs to be able to preempt up to 52 CPUS, but then if they need more,
those additional jobs would "get in line" with everyone else (and even
ideally, if other jobs free up cores dropping them below 52, they could
grab them with preempt priority). And for them to do this, it's fine if
they have to specify the QOS for all jobs in their batch files.

Is there a way to achieve this without specifying a QOS in some batch files
and not in others?

I hope this is clear, and please forgive my ignorance.

Warmest regards,

*Jason L. Simms, Ph.D., M.P.H.*
Manager of Research and High-Performance Computing
XSEDE Campus Champion
Lafayette College
Information Technology Services
710 Sullivan Rd | Easton, PA 18042
Office: 112 Skillman Library
p: (610) 330-5632
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