[slurm-users] MaxJobs not working

Marcus Boden mboden at gwdg.de
Mon May 18 11:26:00 UTC 2020


> Some minutes ago, I have applied "MaxJobs=3" for an user. After that, if I ran "sacctmgr -s show user MYUSER format=account,user,maxjobs", system showed a "3" at the maxjobs column. However, now, I have run a "squeue" and I'm seeing 4 jobs (from that user) in "running" state... Shouldn't it be just 3 and not 4 in "running" state???

were the 4 jobs running beforehand? Slurm wouldn't cancel the jobs if
they were already running, but just prevent new jobs from starting.

> I have applied "maxjobs" in accounting only for a user (not account), so the others users in the same account have "infinite" maxjobs, but a user have 3 (the number I have configured). If I run "sacctmgr -s show user MYUSER format=user,maxjobs" I can see that 3 but how could I run "sacctmgr" to show maxjobs limit for all users? I have test with "sacctmgr -s show account MYACCOUNT format=user,account,maxjobs" and it works, but I have configured several accounts, so I would like to show all accounts with only one command execution "sacctmgr -s show".

sacctmgr -s show assoc format=user,account,maxjobs


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