[slurm-users] A question about slurm nodes event time

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Fri May 15 06:35:36 UTC 2020

To whom it may concern,

        I have a question about the event and would like to ask for help.
When a node has a job running, it performs the offline operation. The command of ‘sacctmgr show event ’cannot view the node offline record, which can only be seen after the job completed. Moreover, the node offline time is not accurate, which will be recorded as the job end time, not the actual node offline time. If the node is offline or online while the job is running, the node event is not recorded in the database. Why is node status event record associated with whether a node has a job running?(Offline means setting the node status to drain, and online means setting the status to idle.)



hwj_0201 at 163.com
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