[slurm-users] Node suspend / Power saving - for *idle* nodes only?

Florian Zillner fzillner at lenovo.com
Thu May 14 13:10:04 UTC 2020


I'm experimenting with slurm's power saving feature and shutdown of "idle" nodes works in general, also the power up works when "idle~" nodes are requested.
So far so good, but slurm is also shutting down nodes that are not explicitly "idle". Previously I drained a node to debug something on it and slurm shut it down when the SuspendTimeout was reached.

Is this something I can configure or should the SuspendProgramm deal with this and ignore poweroff requests for non-idle nodes? I haven't found a setting for this, if there is one, please point me to it. Btw, we're on 18.08.8.


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