[slurm-users] "sacctmgr add cluster" crashing slurmdbd

Ben Polman Ben.Polman at science.ru.nl
Wed May 6 07:49:30 UTC 2020

On 06-05-2020 07:38, Chris Samuel wrote:

We are experiencing exactly the same problem after mysql upgrade to 5.7.30,
moving database to old mysql server running 5.6 solves the problem.
Most likely downgrading mysql to 5.7.29 will work as well

I have no clue which change in mysql-server is causing this

best regards,

> On Tuesday, 5 May 2020 3:21:45 PM PDT Dustin Lang wrote:
>> Since this happens on a fresh new database, I just don't understand how I
>> can get back to a basic functional state.  This is exceedingly frustrating.
> I have to say that if you're seeing this with 17.11, 18.08 and 19.05 and this 
> only started when your colleague upgraded MySQL then this sounds like MySQL is 
> triggering this problem.
> We're running with MariaDB 10.x (from SLES15) without issues (our database is 
> huge).
> All the best,
> Chris

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