[slurm-users] Long delay between updates of sshare

Pascal Klink pascal.klink at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 24 10:34:28 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

We recently started to use a priority-based scheduling and after solving some final issues (see this post: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/slurm-users/N8r8MoyjQAU), everything seems to be running quite smoothly now. However, we realized that the data shown by sshare, e.g.

Account		User	RawShares	NormShares	RawUsage	EffectvUsage	FairShare 

root								0.000000		8484544		1.000000            
 root			root     	1			0.500000		0			0.000000		1.000000 
 iasteam				1			0.500000		8484544		1.000000    
  iasteam		carvalho	1			0.250000		1550368		0.182729		0.400000 
  iasteam		hany	1			0.250000		0			0.000000		0.800000 
  iasteam		pascal	1			0.250000		6934176		0.817271		0.200000 
  iasteam		stark	1			0.250000		0			0.000000		0.800000 

is only updated in very long intervals. This means that the current RawUsage of e.g. user ‚pascal‘ stays a very long time on 6934176, and then jumps to the next value, say 7238923, where it then again waits a long time until it is updated. Different from this behavior, the data shown by sacct is updated every second.

We already tried reducing the update interval of sshare by adjusting the JobAcctGatherFrequency, but this did not help in our case. Also my attempts to look for similar questions had no success. Can anybody help us out here and point us to the correct option that we need to change to get everything running smoothly?

P.S.: Our config is the same as in the post that I linked (except for the proposed fix in the corresponding thread obviously).


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