[slurm-users] Can slurm be configured to only run one job at a time?

Faraz Hussain faraz_hussain at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 15:42:36 UTC 2020

The singleton dependency seems exactly what I need!

However, does it really matter to the network if I upload five 1 GB files sequentially or all at once? I am not too savy on how routers operate. But don't they already do so some kind of load balancing to make sure enough bandwidth is available to other users?

On Monday, March 23, 2020, 11:36:46 AM EDT, Renfro, Michael <renfro at tntech.edu> wrote: 

Rather than configure it to only run one job at a time, you can use job dependencies to make sure only one job of a particular type at a time. A singleton dependency [1, 2] should work for this. From [1]:

  #SBATCH --dependency=singleton --job-name=big-youtube-upload

in any job script would ensure that only one job with that job name should run at a time.

[1] https://slurm.schedmd.com/sbatch.html
[2] https://hpc.nih.gov/docs/job_dependencies.html

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> I have a five node cluster of raspberry pis. Every hour they all have to upload a local 1 GB file to YouTube. I want it so only one pi can upload at a time so that network doesn't get bogged down.
> Can slurm be configured to only run one job at a time? Or perhaps some other way to accomplish what I want?
> Thanks!

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