[slurm-users] Can some partitions be excluded from a cluster when Slurm calculates user/total usage in Fairshare algorithm?

Wang, Manhui Manhui.Wang at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Mar 11 15:52:58 UTC 2020

Dear All,

We have a HPC cluster with Slurm job scheduler (17.02.8). There are several private partitions (which are sponsored by several groups) and a "common" partition. Private partitions are exclusively used by those private users, and all users (including private users) have equal access to the "common" partition. Currently we have set up  Multi-factor Job Priority plugin to determine job priority. Everything is working ok except that private users are less favourable in the fair-share factor than non-private users when using  the "common" partition.  Private users may run many jobs on their own private partitions, and occasionally run jobs on the "common" partition. When submitting jobs to the "common" partition, those private users normally get much lower fair-share factor in job priority compared with non-private users. It appears those private users are penalized because they have already used a large amount of resources on the cluster (even those resources are private owned). In Fairshare Algorithm( https://slurm.schedmd.com/classic_fair_share.html), it appears when calculating Uuser and Utotal, the consumed processor*seconds is based on the whole cluster. Can we exclude some partitions when calculating such consumed resources? Is such functionality available in Slurm?

I have tried to set TRESBillingWeights="CPU=0.0,Mem=0.0,GRES/gpu=0.0" in the private partitions. It seems such settings only affect the TRES factor, NOT Fair-share factor.

Any suggestion?

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