[slurm-users] update node config while jobs are running

Rundall, Jacob D rundall at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 10 05:49:07 UTC 2020

I need to update the configuration for the nodes in a cluster and I’d like to let jobs keep running while I do so. Specifically I need to add RealMemory=<blah> to the node definitions (NodeName=). Is it safe to do this for nodes where jobs are currently running? Or I need to make sure nodes are drained while updating their config? We are using SelectType=select/linear on this cluster. Users would only be allocating complete nodes.

Additionally, do I need to restart the Slurm daemons (slurmctld and slurmd) to make this change? I understand if I were adding completely new nodes I would need to do so (and that it’s advised to stop slurmctld, update config files, restart slurmd on all computes, and then start slurmctld). But is restarting the Slurm daemons also required when updating node config as I would like to do, or would ‘scontrol reconfigure’ suffice?
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