[slurm-users] Meaning of --cpus-per-task and --mem-per-cpu when SMT processors are used

Alexander Grund alexander.grund at tu-dresden.de
Wed Mar 4 12:25:40 UTC 2020

 > What is your hardware configuration?  Do you have 1 server with 44 
processor sockets, and each processor has 4 CPU cores?  Or is it maybe 1 
server with 1 or more sockets for a total of 44 CPU cores, and each CPU 
core is running 4 hyperthreads?

1 server, 2 sockets, 22 cores each, 4 hyperthreads --> 2*22*4=176 
"CPUTot" as reported by "scontrol show node"

 > I think you should give the relevant node and partition lines from 
your slurm.conf.

I found the following in node.conf: NodeName=taurusml[1-32] Feature=IB 
Gres=gpu:6 Procs=176 Sockets=2 CoresPerSocket=22 ThreadsPerCore=4 
RealMemory=254000 State=UNKNOWN Weight=128

 > Which Slurm version do you run?


 > The whypending tool does not appear in a google search. Where did you 
get it from and what does it do?

It seems to be a Python script showing why a job is pending. It uses 
pyslurm. I thought it was a slurm tool, but might be some custom thing

 > >Most importantly: Does this mean `--cpus-per-task` can be as high as 
176 on this node and `--mem-per-cpu` can be up to the reported 
 > Yes.

 > This is just historical as far as I can tell. I think 'CPU' almost 
always means 'core'.

I just tried a very simple example with 1 task and `--cpus-per-task=50` 
(slightly higher than the 44 physical cores) and it failed with 
"Requested node configuration is not available"

So in summary: "CPU" for the srun/sbatch/salloc means "(physical) core". 
"CPU" as for scontrol (and pyslurm which seems to wrap this) means 
"Thread". This is confusing but at least the question seems to be 
answered now.

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