[slurm-users] Problem with configuration CPU/GPU partitions

Pavel Vashchenkov vashen at itam.nsc.ru
Tue Mar 3 10:30:53 UTC 2020

I've found that this question arised two years ago:


And it's still unsolved :(

Pavel Vashchenkov

02.03.2020 17:28, Pavel Vashchenkov пишет:
> 28.02.2020 20:53, Renfro, Michael пишет:
>> When I made similar queues, and only wanted my GPU jobs to use up to 8 cores per GPU, I set Cores=0-7 and 8-15 for each of the two GPU devices in gres.conf. Have you tried reducing those values to Cores=0 and Cores=20?
> Yes, I've tried to do it. Unfortunately, it does not work.
> Moreover, If I set limit of CPU cores on 'cpu'partition to any number
> between 37 and 20 it still would not start the GPU job after the CPU
> one, despite having un-allocated CPU cores.
> Another test was the following: I limited 'cpu'partition to 39 cores and
> 'gpu' partition to 2 cores (MaxCPUsPerNode=39 and MaxCPUsPerNode=2)
> respectively. When I start CPU-job with requirements ntasks-per-node=38
> one task less than limit, GPU-job starts without any problem
> It looks like I have to limit ntasks-per-node of my CPU-jobs to
> MaxCPUsPerNode-1 or less. If I use all available CPU cores, GPU-job does
> not start in 'gpu' partition on thesame nodes.

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