[slurm-users] Fwd: Slurm MySQL database configuration

Peter Mayes pmayes at lenovo.com
Thu Jul 23 15:53:52 UTC 2020

Hi Folks,

Thanks for responses.

I probably didn't make my initial point totally clear, so following up 
with clarification.

The NFS server is considered to be sufficiently highly available 
("Designed for 99.9999% availability with redundant hot-swap components, 
including controllers and I/O modules, power supplies, cooling modules") 
that we had assumed this was sufficient for the Slurm database, without 
additional Database HA features, like Galera, DRBD, etc etc

So the idea was to have the two Slurm server nodes, each running 
slurmctld, slurmdbd, mariadb, but the two mariadb instances would be 
referencing the same physical database, with only one of the Slurm nodes 
doing any database updates at any one time.

Is this a possible configuration? If so, how to get both the mariadb 
instances to be running simultaneously (with one idle) accessing the 
same database files.

It seems silly to have two database instances on the same NFS server 
replicating with something like Galera.

Thanks again


My first post to the list, so apologies if this is a FAQ,

My configuration has two nodes allocated for Slurm masters, with a 
highly-available NFS server mounting a filesystem across the two nodes.

I need advice on the best configuration.

I naively thought of having a single MariaDB database located in the NFS 
server, with slurmctld, slurmdbd and mariadb running on both slurm 
nodes, with only one slurmdbd/mariadb actively touching the database at 
any one time.






But MariaDB doesn't seem to like (possibly understandably) two mysql 
daemons accessing a single database instance from two servers.

What would be the best way to configure this setup?

Thanks in advance

-- Peter

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