[slurm-users] Module "pam_slurm_adopt"

Gestió Servidors sysadmin.caos at uab.cat
Wed Jul 1 09:10:38 UTC 2020


I want to limit users to allow SSH connection to compute nodes. I have read at https://slurm.schedmd.com/pam_slurm_adopt.html that "pam_slurm_adopt" allows a SSH connection if and only if that user has a job (or more than one) running in that node. However, my SLURM system (19.05.4) hasn't that module, so I have tried to compile (only the module, not the entire source tree) with "make && make install", but system returns "Nothing to be done for 'all'". Why? In my running system, module is NOT installed and, after cheching config.log and config.status, it seems that module was NOT compiled... How can I compile only the module?

Meanwhile, is there other solution to allow SSH connection to computes nodes (with running jobs or not) to a user? My SLURM has "UsePam=0", but in /etc/security/access.conf file in compute nodes I have configured:
+ : root : root
- : ALL : ALL
Now, for a NAMD application (using "charmrun"), job "needs" a SSH connection.


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