[slurm-users] Using "curses" over an "srun" connection

Carl Ponder cponder at nvidia.com
Mon Jan 27 14:38:03 UTC 2020

I wrote a script that uses "screen" to create side-by-side windows that 
run co-operating processes and shows their outputs together.
This looks fine when I run it remotely over an "ssh" connection. (Note 
that I don't need to use "ssh -X").
If I run it over an "srun" connection using forms like this, though

    srun -t 08:00:00 --ntasks-per-node=40 --pty -p batch ../splitscreen
    srun -t 08:00:00 --ntasks-per-node=40 --pty -p batch /bin/bash -i -l
    -c ../splitscreen

it doesn't look so good -- text that should be in the righthand window 
starts writing in the lefthand window instead, and the lefthand window 
contents don't show up.
I believe "screen" uses the "curses" library, or at least something 
similar, and I'm guessing that the cursor placement is getting garbled 
Are there any special "srun" settings that I can use to straighten this 
out? Again, if I use an ssh connection instead, it works perfectly.
I could file a bug with SLURM, but am thinking (hoping) that maybe I'm 
just not using it right.


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