[slurm-users] Virtual memory size requested by slurm

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Jan 27 05:57:55 UTC 2020

> As a follow up to my last problem, I would like to know how can I tell
> slurm to increase the virtual memory size for a process?

have you read the messages on this list?

first, you can ask for the correct amount of memory. 
this approach assumes that it is dangerous to allow VSZ > RSS. 
that's conservative, but may be wise.

alternatively, you can ask slurm not to limit VSZ: in cgroup.conf, have
this does not actually permit arbitrary VSZ, since there are mechanisms
outside the cgroup limit that affect max VSZ (overcommit sysctls, swap space)

> The program has no problem when I run it outside of the slurm via
> terminal/bash.

all that tells you is that the environments are different in some way(s),
which is neither surprising nor informative.

operator may differ from spokesperson.	            hahn at mcmaster.ca

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