[slurm-users] Slurm 19-05-4-1 and Centos8

Shane Kelly Shane.Kelly at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Jan 10 07:53:03 UTC 2020

Apologies for taking so long to wrap this thread up.

For me, slurm 19-05.4.1 builds correctly with Philip Kovacs mod to the
spec file (see below).
It installs and runs (after providing some massaging to the RH/Centos
specific config locations/bits*) and I now have it installed with
accounting on five nodes of our test cluster, and all appears well.

Many thanks to all who contribute to this mailing list.

Kind Regards,
Shane Kelly

* Centos8 config/install bits (from memory)
/var/run will not allow slurm to write a pid there, so I put a
directory for all the slurm{d|ctld|dbd} PIDS under /var/run/. Don't
forget to add a .conf file to  /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/ to make your folder
persist over a reboot. I copied the munge one, suitably edited.

The systemd service files are hardwired to write pids to /var/run, so
they need altering to reflect the /var/run/slurm path that I use.

Hope this helps.

> There's a typo in there.  It's lazy not -lazy.   Try adding exactly
> this line just before the %configure:
># use -z lazy to allow dlopen with unresolved symbolsexport
>LDFLAGS="%{build_ldflags} -Wl,-z,lazy"                     <--- this
>should fix it%configure \
>    On Sunday, December 8, 2019, 05:30:00 PM EST, Brian Andrus
> <toomuchit at gmail.com> wrote:  
>There must be something more, because I am trying it with 
>[root at node02 ~]# rpm -E "%{build_ldflags}"
> -Wl,-z,relro  -Wl,-z,now
> -specs=/usr/lib/rpm/redhat/redhat-hardened-ld -Wl,-z,-lazy
>It builds (as expected) but slurmd will not start due to the same
>error. (Note, I have also tried LDFLAGS without --specs and without
>-Wl,-z-now with the same result)

Shane Kelly
HPC Systems Administrator
Garscube Campus
University of Glasgow
shane.kelly at glasgow.ac.uk
ext: 3031

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