[slurm-users] Can I add a new slurm plugin to an existing installation, or do I have to rebuild and reinstall with the plugin source?

Dean Schulze dean.w.schulze at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 15:41:24 UTC 2020

The SchedMD docs for adding a plugin
<https://slurm.schedmd.com/add.html> describe
adding source code, Makefiles, and other modifications for a new plugin to
a git branch in the source tree. This makes it sound like I would have to
rebuild and reinstall slurm in order to use a new plugin that I create.
This would make for long iterations for developing a new plugin.

My slurm installation on Ubuntu 18 has the existing plugin binaries (.a,
.la, .so) in /usr/local/lib/slurm. Can I install a new plugin by copying
the binaries for the new plugin into this directory (maybe with some
configuration modifications)? The SchedMD docs don't mention anything about
installing a new plugin into an existing slurm installation, or if it's
even possible.

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