[slurm-users] CR_Core_Memory behavior

Sebastian T Smith stsmith at unr.edu
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I agree that this may be a node configuration issue.  It might also be caused by your resource request.  Can you provide your node configuration and an example submission script?

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Sounds like you didn’t define RealMemory for NodeName in slurm.conf(?)

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On Aug 25, 2020, at 19:51, Durai Arasan <arasan.durai at gmail.com> wrote:


On our cluster we have SelectTypeParameters set to "CR_Core_Memory".

Under these conditions multiple jobs should be able to run on the same node. But they refuse to be allocated on the same node and only one job runs on the node and rest of the jobs are in pending state.

When we changed SelectTypeParameters to "CR_Core" however, this issue was resolved and multiple jobs were successfully allocated to the same node and ran concurrently on the same node.

Does anyone know why such behavior is seen? Why does including memory as consumable resource lead to node exclusive behavior?


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