[slurm-users] GRES Restrictions

Christoph Brüning christoph.bruening at uni-wuerzburg.de
Tue Aug 25 15:24:41 UTC 2020


we're using cgroups to restrict access to the GPUs.

What I found particularly helpful, are the slides by Marshall Garey from 
last year's Slurm User Group Meeting: 
(NVML didn't work for us for some reason I cannot recall, but listing 
the GPU device files explicitly was not a big deal)


On 25/08/2020 16.12, Willy Markuske wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to restrict access to gpu resources on a cluster I maintain 
> for a research group. There are two nodes put into a partition with gres 
> gpu resources defined. User can access these resources by submitting 
> their job under the gpu partition and defining a gres=gpu.
> When a user includes the flag --gres=gpu:# they are allocated the number 
> of gpus and slurm properly allocates them. If a user requests only 1 gpu 
> they only see CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1. However, if a user does not 
> include the --gres=gpu:# flag they can still submit a job to the 
> partition and are then able to see all the GPUs. This has led to some 
> bad actors running jobs on all GPUs that other users have allocated and 
> causing OOM errors on the gpus.
> Is it possible, and where would I find the documentation on doing so, to 
> require users to define a --gres=gpu:# to be able to submit to a 
> partition? So far reading the gres documentation doesn't seem to have 
> yielded any word on this issue specifically.
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