[slurm-users] Differentiating subsets of PENDING state

Carl Ponder cponder at nvidia.com
Tue Aug 11 23:36:17 UTC 2020

One of the things I appreciate about SLURM is that I can write simple 
statements like this

    squeue -t R -a -O

that shows the list of running jobs along with stats showing when they 
can be expected to finish, or this

    squeue  -t S,CG,CF,CD,CA,F,TO,PR,BF,NF,SE -a -O

that shows exiting jobs along with what nodes they will be releasing or 
putting into an unusable state.
Pending jobs are trickier, though. I'd like to separate the lists as 

     1. Jobs that have an estimated start-time.
     2. Jobs that will run but don't have an estimated start time.
     3. Jobs that aren't expected to run, (for example) being on HOLD or
        requiring nodes that are down.

since I'd be printing different information in each case.
I don't see any way to control this with command-line parameters, 
instead I'm grep-ing through the lists to filter out different cases, 
and then stripping out the fields I don't want to print, which is ugly 
and obtuse.
Do any of you have a simple way to do this?
I could ask for squeue to allow me to specify the REASON field, or to 
differentiate more states of PENDING for jobs that are on HOLD etc.
But that would be a long way off, and could break other usages.


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