[slurm-users] Billing issue

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Thu Aug 6 09:12:30 UTC 2020

Il 06/08/20 10:00, Bas van der Vlies ha scritto:

Tks for the answer.

> We have nodes with 16 cores and 96GB of ram and this are the cheapest nodes they
> cost in our model. 
Theoretical 6GB/core. 5.625 net.

> We multiple everything by 1000 to avoid slurm's behaviour of truncating the
> result. The node has the following spec: RealMemory=93184 and MemSpecLimit=1024
I overlooked MemSpecLimit. Now added. Very useful.

> The memory tresbillingweight is calculates  with this formula:
>   * price_per_core * num_cores / memory * 1024 * 1024`. Memory is `RealMemory -
> MemSpecLimit`

> We have also node with GPU's (dfiferent types) and some cost more the others.
> The partitions always have the same type of nodes not mixed,eg: 
>  * TRESBillingWeights=CPU=3801.0,Mem=502246.0T,GRES/gpu=22807.0,GRES/gpu:titanrt
> x=22807.0
>  * node type: 24 cores 4 GPU's  MemSpecLimit=1024 Memory=191488   
>  * the max is 91228 SBU
Still missing something. Can't come to your result.
24*3801+502246*(191488-1024)/(1024**5)+4*22807 = 182452 (rounded), about
twice your result.

> This are all shared partitions show if an user request more memory then the
> default per core then it will be charged for the extra memory.  If user use more
> memory per gpu then it will be charged for the extra memory. This memory for a
> GPU machine  is  more expensive then a CPU machine.
Uh? How? The formula is linear...

> The one with different tressbillingweight per job type (serial or parallel) can
> not be solved with this setting.  It must be solved that defaults for this
> partition is always 1/4 of the node even if you request just 1 core.
Can't see how to force it :(

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