[slurm-users] configure Slurm when disk quota exceeded

Robert Kudyba rkudyba at fordham.edu
Tue Aug 4 15:42:58 UTC 2020

Is there a way for Slurm to detect when a user quota has been exceeded? We
use XFS and when users are over the quota they will get a "Disk quota
exceeded" message, e.g., when trying to scp or create a new file. However
if they are not aware of this and try using a sbatch file, they don't
receive any notification and the Slurm logs (which they don't have access
to) simply say this:

[2020-08-04T09:12:35.001] _slurm_rpc_submit_batch_job: JobId=5495
InitPrio=4294900561 usec=1964
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.567] email msg to user at myschool.edu: Slurm Job_id=5495
Name=M2_alltrans Began, Queued time 00:00:01
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.567] backfill: Started JobId=5495 in defq on node001
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.824] prolog_running_decr: Configuration for JobId=5495
is complete
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.916] _job_complete: JobId=5495 WEXITSTATUS 1
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.916] email msg to user at myschool.edu : Slurm
Job_id=5495 Name=M2_alltrans Failed, Run time 00:00:00, FAILED, ExitCode 1
[2020-08-04T09:12:35.916] _job_complete: JobId=5495 done
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