[slurm-users] Building Slurm on CentOS 7 with PMIx support

Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Fri Apr 24 14:41:16 UTC 2020


Is there anything special needed to build Slurm 19.05.5 on CentOS 7 with 
PMIx support? We have the pmix and pmix-devel packages that come with 
CentOS 7 installed, and built the RPMs with the following rpmbuild command:

rpmbuild -ta --with munge --with pam --with lua  --with pmix

but that didn't seem to pick up PMIx (libpmix was still missing from the 
slurm-libpmi RPM.

So then we installed the latest version of PMIx (3.1.5), and built with 
this command:

rpmbuild -ta --with munge --with pam --with lua --define '_with_pmix 
--with-pmix=/usr/pppl/pmix/3.1.5' slurm-19.05.5.tar.bz2

Is that necessary to get Slurm to build with PMIx support on CentOS 7.7?

This worked, but now when I submit a simple MPI  hello, world! program, 
the job goes into the running state, but just hangs there. My srun 
command to launch the job is as follows:

srun --mpi=pmix ./mpihello

I am using OpenMPI 4.0.1. I had earlier problems with that that I brough 
to the OpenMPI mailing list, and they suggested the problem was Slurm 
was built without PMIx support, which we confirmed to be true by looking 
at the contents of the slurm-libpmi RPM.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

OpenMPI 4.0.1 was built with the following configuration line:

                           '--disable-silent-rules' '--enable-shared'
                           '--with-pmi' '--with-pmix' '--with-slurm'
                           '--with-lustre' '--with-psm' 'CC=icc' 'CXX=icpc'



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