[slurm-users] How to trap a SIGINT signal in a child process of a batch ?

Jean-mathieu CHANTREIN jean-mathieu.chantrein at univ-angers.fr
Tue Apr 21 07:42:51 UTC 2020


I'm using slurm version 19.05.2 on debian 10. 

I'm try to hand a SIGINT signal by a child process of a batch. 
The signal is automatically send 30 s before the end of time. 
You can see this mechanism in this minimal example: 


#SBATCH --job-name=test 
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=1 
#SBATCH --nodes=1 
#SBATCH --time=00:03:00 
#SBATCH --signal=B:SIGINT at 30 

# This example works, but I need it to work without "B:" in --signal options, so I want test.sh receives the SIGINT signal and not test.slurm 

echo "BATCH interrupted" 
exit 2 

trap 'sig_handler' SIGINT 

/home/user/test.sh & 



function sig_handler() 
echo "Executable interrupted" 
exit 2 

trap 'sig_handler' SIGINT 

echo "BEGIN" 
sleep 200 
echo "END" 

Unfortunately, when I use in test.slurm: 

#SBATCH --signal=SIGINT at 30 

It seems that the signal SIGINT is not received. 

I was try to debug with the use of scancel like this: 

scancel --signal=SIGINT IDJOB 

without success. In this way, only SIGKILL signals are received but a SIGKILL signal can't be trap. 

In [ https://slurm.schedmd.com/scancel.html, | https://slurm.schedmd.com/scancel.html, ] we can see in -b option, but seems to be the case even without -b option: 
By default, signals other than SIGKILL are not sent to the batch step 

How to change this default behavior? 

Do you have the same behavior on your systems? 

How would you get a SIGINT signal trapped in test.sh? 

Best regards, 


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