[slurm-users] Alternative to munge for use with slurm?

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 14:57:41 UTC 2020

For CentOS/RHEL, it is in the OpenFusion repo:



     yum install 


     yum install libjwt-devel

Brian Andrus

On 4/18/2020 2:27 PM, Daniel Letai wrote:
> in v20.02 you can use jwt, as per https://slurm.schedmd.com/jwt.html
> Only issue is getting libjwt for most rpm based distros.
> The current libjwt configure;make dist-all doesn't work.
> I had to cd into dist, and 'make rpm' to create the spec file, then 
> rpmbuild -ba after placing the tar gz file in the SOURCES dir of 
> rpmbuild tree.
> Possibly just installing libjwt manually is easier for image based 
> clusters.
> HTH.
> On 17/04/2020 22:42, Dean Schulze wrote:
>> Is there an alternative to munge when running slurm?  Munge issues 
>> are a common problem in slurm, and munge doesn't give any useful 
>> information when a problem occurs.  An alternative that at least gave 
>> some useful information when a problem occurs would be a big 
>> improvement.
>> Thanks.
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