[slurm-users] Monitoring Preempted Jobs

Simon Peter Alexander Simon.Alexander at uwyo.edu
Thu Apr 2 19:23:06 UTC 2020


What's the best way(s) of monitoring jobs that are pre-empted?
We can see various messages written out to the slurmctld and slurmd logs, but I can't find a variation of any of the commands that will list all jobs that have been preempted? Nor can I see a persistent state within the database that records this?

We're currently requeue-ing pre-empted jobs, so I could find look for jobs with two rows in the job_table.

Wondering if there's alternatives / better approaches? Writing a plugin and updating a new table? Or, have I missed something from the provided commands?


Simon Alexander
ARCC, Advanced Research Computing Center
University of Wyoming

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