[slurm-users] Running multiple jobs simultaneously

Matt Hohmeister hohmeister at psy.fsu.edu
Thu Sep 26 20:56:03 UTC 2019

I just did that...beautiful...thanks! The "default" let me run 48 jobs concurrently across two nodes.

I've noticed that, still, when I have "#SBATCH --ntasks=30" in my .sbatch file, the job still refuses to run, and I'm back at the below. Should I just ask my users to not use -ntasks in their .sbatch files?

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Hi Matt,

Check out the "OverSubscribe" partition parameter.  Try setting your partition to "OverSubscribe=YES" and then submitting the jobs with the "-oversubscibe" option (or OverSubscribe=FORCE if you want this to happen for all jobs submitted to the partition).   Either oversubscribe option can be followed by a colon and the maximum number of jobs that can be assigned to a resource (iirc it defaults to 4 - so you might want to increase to allow the number of jobs you need - ie, maximum number of jobs you need to run simultaneously divided by number of cores available in the partition).

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