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Fulcomer, Samuel samuel_fulcomer at brown.edu
Thu Sep 19 23:27:38 UTC 2019

Hey Michael,

I obviously haven't been keeping up with any security concerns over the use
of Singularity. In a 2-3 sentence nutshell, what are they?

I've been annoyed by NVIDIA's docker distribution for DGX-1 & friends.

We've been setting up an ersatz-secure SIngularity environment for use of
mid-range DUA data like dbGaP.


On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 4:38 PM Michael Jennings <mej at lanl.gov> wrote:

> On Friday, 20 September 2019, at 00:03:28 (+0430),
> Mahmood Naderan wrote:
> > For the replies. Matlab was an example. I would also like to create
> > to containers for OpenFoam with different versions. Then a user can
> > choose what he actually wants.
> All modern container runtimes support the OCI standard container
> format originally authored by Docker, Inc. and contributed to the Open
> Container Initiative (OCI) as the starting point for their standard.
> So your best bet would be to go to Docker Hub (hub.docker.com) and
> search for the applications you're interested in, or (in the case of
> commercial software) ask your vendor if they supply containers for
> their packages and under what terms.
> If you're comfortable with building as root, you can likely build your
> own containers without too much trouble, but in order to build
> containers without privilege, you'll need very recent Podman/Buildah
> (or current Charliecloud plus Spokeo and umoci, if your Dockerfile is
> supported by ch-grow).
> > I would also like to know, if the technologies you mentioned can be
> > deployed in multinode clusters. Currently, we use Rocks 7. Should I
> > install singularity (or others) on all nodes or just the frontend?
> > And then, can users use "srun" or "salloc" for interactively login
> > to a node and run the container or not?
> Most folks invoke the container runtime using srun, either in their
> job script or as part of an interactive session.  There are several
> examples in the Charliecloud docs, for example, here:
> https://hpc.github.io/charliecloud/tutorial.html#your-first-single-node-multi-process-jobs
> But yes, you will likely need the container runtime installed on every
> node.  Most large HPC centers use Slurm, so you should have no problem
> getting any or all of them to integrate well with your existing Slurm
> installation. :-)
> That said, I *do* recommend watching at least that last video before
> you make your final decision on runtime.  With containers, as with any
> technology, you're far more likely to get factual information from
> folks who aren't trying to sell something! ;-)
> Having personally deployed, tested, and evaluated over a dozen
> different container solutions -- including every major HPC container
> system as well as implementing a few of my own -- I can tell you with
> absolute certainty that there's no single right answer to "What
> container system should I use?"  There are several correct answers
> depending on your use case and security & UX requirements.
> Michael
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