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For the replies. Matlab was an example. I would also like to create to
containers for OpenFoam with different versions. Then a user can choose
what he actually wants.

I would also like to know, if the technologies you mentioned can be
deployed in multinode clusters. Currently, we use Rocks 7. Should I install
singularity (or others) on all nodes or just the frontend?
And then, can users use "srun" or "salloc" for interactively login to a
node and run the container or not?


On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 8:03 PM Michael Jennings <mej at lanl.gov> wrote:

> Docker is the wrong choice for HPC, at least today.  But Podman, from
> Red Hat's CRI-O project, is a drop-in replacement for Docker which
> doesn't use the client-server model of Docker and therefore addresses
> many of the challenges with trying to run Docker for HPC user jobs.
> There's also LANL's Charliecloud, which is a highly optimized
> container runtime that (unlike the other options in this space, save
> Podman) DOES NOT require any root privileges whatsoever, not even at
> install time.  For (hopefully obvious) security reasons, you are far
> safer using one of the unprivileged options.
> Here at Los Alamos, we use both Charliecloud and Podman/Buildah along
> with the Spokeo and umoci tools.  While we do not permit Singularity
> on our systems for security reasons and don't run Shifter because it
> requires privilege, we have had Charliecloud deployed and actively
> used on both our Classified and Open Science systems for well over a
> year now, and we are in the process of getting Podman/Buildah and
> friends into the Secure systems as we speak.
> (Note that all of the above require RHEL7 or higher; if you need RHEL6
> support, you'll want to check out Shifter.)
> Here are some videos of talks that might help you get up-to-speed on
> this subject:
> "LISA18 - Containers and Security on Planet X"
> (https://youtu.be/F3qCvZMzUtE) - Why containers matter for HPC, what
> makes HPC so different from the typical Docker/AppC use cases, and how
> to choose the right solution for your site.
> "Charliecloud - Unprivileged Containers for HPC"
> (https://youtu.be/ESsZgcaP-ZQ) - What containers actually are under
> the hood, how they work, what they are good for, and how to get up and
> running with Charliecloud in under 5 minutes.
> "Container Mythbusters" (https://youtu.be/FFyXdgWXD3A) - Dispelling
> common misconceptions and debunking propaganda around containers,
> container runtime security, and when/how you should (and should NOT)
> use containers.
> Hope those help!
> Michael
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