[slurm-users] Sharing a single machine between two groups; What's the best way define this in slurm config?

Benjamin Wong bwong at keiserlab.org
Thu Sep 19 01:16:14 UTC 2019


I plan to purchase a GPU machine with 8 GPUs which will be shared between
group A and group B.  Group A is an existing group with SLURM nodes.  Group
B has no SLURM nodes but will have access to half of the resources on one
SLURM node.  I'm trying to figure out how to get SLURM to implement the
policies I want below:

   - If both groups are using the machine evenly, then I want the resources
   to be split evenly.
   - If only group A is using the resources, then they will consume all the
   resources and vice versa.
   - If group A is using all resources but group B begins requesting
   resources, then group A will suspend half of its work for group B to use
   resources.  Vice versa applies.

What's the best way to implement this?  Should I have two halves of a
machine in two different partitions?

Looking forward to hints,
Ben Wong
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