[slurm-users] Priority setup for some typical use cases?

René Neumaier r.neumaier at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
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Hello Vang Le-Quy,

On 14.09.19 17:55, Vang Le-Quy wrote:
> Our system does not allow much testing at the moment so I want to make use of community knowledge. The multifactor plugin has many handles to tweak. That makes it powerful and daunting at the same time. Basically how do you setup for various user groups based on urgency, resource usage, and resource guaranty?

With the multifactor plugin and QOS? :-)
It's not so complicated. I would recommend you create 1-2 virtual
machines and play a bit with the appropriate options (see below).

> How do I define a ‘developers’ partition for development that allows user to run temporary debug session with maximum walltime of 8:00:00 hours (MaxTime=8:00:00). Furthermore, jobs in this partition have highest priority, and are preferably started right away? Do I need also setup a ‘debug’ QOS as well? Last but not least, if the time is up for a job in this partition, can I set the job to be in suspended state.

As far as I know slurm partitions are mainly used to group the
same/similar hardware.

What can fit your needs is:

Just deactivate the other factors for the moment:

Do not shy away from the slurmdb setup (which is mandatory for this
solution). It is worth the trouble.
In the future you can also create extensive statistics.
For example, which users regularly occupy CPUs/RAMs but do not use them
to full capacity (which means waste of CPU time).


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