[slurm-users] oddity with users showing in sacctmgr and sreport

David Rhey drhey at umich.edu
Thu Sep 12 12:59:37 UTC 2019


First issue: I have a couple dozen users that show up for an account but
outside of the hierarchical structure in sacctmgr:

sacctmgr show assoc account=<accountName>
format=Account,User,Cluster,ParentName%20 Tree

When I execute that on a given account, I see that one user resides outside
account where the account specifies its Parent Name (i.e. the user is part
of the account, just not tucked correctly into the hierarchy):

             Account       User     Cluster             Par Name
-------------------- ----------  ---------- --------------------
acct                     rogueuser mycluster
acct                               mycluster             acct_root
 acct                    normaluser  mycluster

Second issue: A couple of rogue users from within sacctmgr show up in
sreport output ABOVE the account usage:

sreport -T billing cluster AccountUtilizationByUser Accounts=<accountName>
Start=2019-08-01 End=2019-09-11

returns the output, but the first line in the output given is that of a
USER and not the specified account as noted in the man sreport section:

       cluster AccountUtilizationByUser
              This report will display account utilization as it appears on
the hierarchical tree.  Starting with the specified account or
              the  root  account by default this report will list the
underlying usage with a sum on each level.  Use the 'tree' option to
              span the tree for better visibility.  NOTE: If there were
reservations allowing a whole account any idle time in the  reser‐
              vation  given  to  the association for the account, not the
user associations in the account, so it can be possible a parent
              account can be larger than the sum of it's children.

Has anyone seen either of these behaviors? I've even queried the DB just to
see if there wasn't something more obvious as to the issue, but I can't
find anything. The associations are very tidy in the DB. When I dump the
cluster using sacctmgr I can see the handful of rogue associations all the
way at the top of the list, meaning they aren't a part of the root
hierarchy in sacctmgr.

We're using 18.08.7.


David Rhey
Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services
University of Michigan
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