[slurm-users] How can jobs request a minimum available (free) TmpFS disk space?

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Tue Sep 10 19:15:56 UTC 2019

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion!  We have user requests for certain types of 
jobs (quantum chemistry) that require fairly large local scratch space. 
Our jobs normally do not have this requirement.  So unfortunately the 
per-node NHC check doesn't seem to do the trick.  (We already have an 
NHC check "check_fs_used /scratch 90%").

Best regards,

On 10-09-2019 20:41, Michael Jennings wrote:
> On Monday, 02 September 2019, at 20:02:57 (+0200),
> Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
>> We have some users requesting that a certain minimum size of the
>> *Available* (i.e., free) TmpFS disk space should be present on nodes
>> before a job should be considered by the scheduler for a set of
>> nodes.
>> I believe that the "sbatch --tmp=size" option merely refers to the
>> TmpFS file system *Size* as configured in slurm.conf, and this is
>> *not* what users need.
>> For example, a job might require 50 GB of *Available disk space* on
>> the TmpFS file system, which may however have only 20 GB out of 100
>> GB *Available* as shown by the df command, the rest having been
>> consumed by other jobs (present or past).
>> However, when we do "scontrol show node <nodename>", only the TmpFS
>> file system *Size* is displayed as a "TmpDisk" number, but not the
>> *Available* number.
>> Question: How can we get slurmd to report back to the scheduler the
>> amount of *Available* disk space?  And how can users specify the
>> minimum *Available* disk space required by their jobs submitted by
>> "sbatch"?
>> If this is not feasible, are there other techniques that achieve the
>> same goal?  We're currently still at Slurm 18.08.
> Hi, Ole!
> I'm assuming you are wanting a per-job resolution on this rather than
> per-node?  If per-node is good enough, you can of course use NHC to
> check this, e.g.:
>    * || check_fs_free /tmp 50GB
> That doesn't work per-job, though, obviously.  Something that might
> work, however, as a temporary work-around for this might be to have
> the user run a single NHC command, like this:
>    srun --prolog='nhc -e "check_fs_free /tmp 50GB"'
> There might be some tweaks/caveats to this since NHC normally runs as
> root, but just an idea....  :-)  An even crazier idea would be to set
> NHC_LOAD_ONLY=1 in the environment, source /usr/sbin/nhc, and then
> execute the shell function `check_fs_free` directly!  :-D

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