[slurm-users] OverSubscribe=FORCE:1overloads nodes?

Benjamin Redling benjamin.rampe at uni-jena.de
Mon Sep 9 04:38:28 UTC 2019

Hello Menglong,

which selection plugin and in case of of cons_res what consumable resources have you configured?
Maybe review:


Am 9. September 2019 03:38:13 MESZ schrieb "huml1 at sugon.com" <huml1 at sugon.com>:
>Dear there,
>I have two jobs in my cluster, which has 32 cores per compute node. The
>first job uses eight nodes and 256 cores, which means it takes up all
>eight nodes. The second job uses five nodes and 32 cores, which means
>only partial cores of five nodes will be used. Slurm, however,
>allocated some of the same nodes for the two jobs, resulting in
>overload of these nodes. I wonder if my partition configuration
>OverSubscribe=FORCE:1 caused this to happen. How to prevent this from

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