[slurm-users] Advanced Reservation 'Tues, Thus' Instead of 'weekday'?

Hanby, Mike mhanby at uab.edu
Wed Sep 4 17:38:58 UTC 2019


Running Slurm 18.08.8

We have a request to create a 2 node reservation for a class that will meet every Tues and Thus this semester from 8AM to 9:15AM.

Is there a way to create a reservation match that, or is the closest we can do is create a weekday reservation for that timeframe, i.e.:

scontrol create reservation \
  reservation=newb101 \
  starttime=2019-09-05T08:00:00 \
  duration=75 \
  users=bob,jane,blah \
  flags=weekday,replace \

This isn't ideal, as it removes 2 nodes from normal circulation for 1 hour 15 minutes MWF when they aren't needed for the class.

Thoughts? Thanks, Mike

Mike Hanby
mhanby @ uab.edu
Systems Analyst III - Enterprise
IT Research Computing Services
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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