[slurm-users] calculate license tokens from cpus

Oytun Peksel Oytun.Peksel at semcon.com
Tue Oct 29 13:32:53 UTC 2019

Thanks for the tip Mark it looks quite useful for my purposes.

I am setting this up for a small intimate group so abuse is a non issue and I want everyone to be responsible for maintenance.

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> #SBATCH -L [ here I would like to calculate it like (    perl -e  "int $SLURM_NTASKS * 0.422 * 5 "  )  ]

I think a calculation like this needs to take place in the job_submit.lua.
So you decide on a way for users to signal that they want this behavior, (partition, gre?) and that script calculates and sets the --licenses.

> I would like to expose user to slurm as much as possible, and use
> scripts as little as possible.

Well, that exposes it to a lot of error and possibly abuse.

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