[slurm-users] OverMemoryKill Not Working?

mercan ahmet.mercan at uhem.itu.edu.tr
Fri Oct 25 03:27:29 UTC 2019


You should set


and plus one of these:


to open Memory allocation tracking according to documentation:


Also, the line:

#SBATCH --mem=1GBB

contains "1GBB". Is this same at job script?


Ahmet M.

24.10.2019 23:00 tarihinde Mike Mosley yazdı:
> Hello,
> We are testing Slurm19.05 on Linux RHEL7.5+ with the intent to migrate 
> from it toTorque/Moab in the near future.
> One of the things our users are used to is that when their jobs exceed 
> the amount of memory they requested, the job is terminated by the 
> scheduler.   We realize the Slurm prefers to use cgroups to contain 
> rather than kill the jobs but initially we need to have the kill 
> option in place to transition our users.
> So, looking at the documentation, it appears that in 19.05, the 
> following needs to be set to accomplish this:
> JobAcctGatherParams = OverMemoryKill
> Other possibly relevant settings we made:
> JobAcctGatherType = jobacct_gather/linux
> ProctrackType = proctrack/linuxproc
> We have avoided configuring any cgroup parameters for the time being.
> Unfortunately, when we submit a job with the following:
> #SBATCH --nodes=1
> #SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=1
> #SBATCH --mem=1GBB
> We see RSS ofthe  job steadily increase beyond the 1GB limit and it is 
> never killed.    Interestingly enough, the proc information shows the 
> ulimit (hard and soft) for the process set to around 1GB.
> We have tried various settings without any success.   Can anyone point 
> out what we are doing wrong?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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> 9201 University City Blvd
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