[slurm-users] Interlocking / Concurrent runner

mercan ahmet.mercan at uhem.itu.edu.tr
Tue Oct 22 09:06:57 UTC 2019


You can use the "--dependency=afterok:jobid:jobid ..." parameter of the 
sbatch to ensure the new submitted job will be waiting until all older 
jobs are finished. Simply, you can submit the new job even while older 
jobs are running, the new job will not start before old jobs are finished.


Ahmet M.

On 22.10.2019 11:53, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Hi,
> i am using slurm in a single node job batching system. Slurm ist perfect
> for that case and works for a couple years flawlessly. Lately i was
> shuffleing around jobs which take much longer to run to only run
> daily, and other jobs to run more frequently.
> A Question i had was - is there a possibility to lock jobs not to
> run multiple times? Or better - i have a list of jobs with heavy
> dependencys - and i'd like to run this job list again when all
> of them have completed.
> So i could create a lock and an cleanup job which removes that
> lock and depends on all other jobs i queue in this batch.
> Currently i have something like this in my cron scripts which
> looks into the job queue and if it identifies jobs it does
> not queue new ones.
> 	squeue  -l | egrep -q "osm.*RUNNING"
> 	# Still jobs running
> 	if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
> 		exit 0
> 	fi
> So i run the cron job a lot more often than i can process all of the
> data. I feel this to be a bit like a hack.
> Flo

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