[slurm-users] Running mix versions of slurm while upgrading

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Oct 21 06:47:03 UTC 2019

FWIW, you may be interested in my Wiki on upgrading Slurm:

You should also read the pages on Upgrading in the presentation 
Technical: Field Notes From A MadMan, Tim Wickberg, SchedMD from last 
month's Slurm User Group meeting:


On 10/21/19 3:52 AM, Tony Racho wrote:
> Hi:
> We are planning to upgrade our slurm cluster however we plan on NOT 
> doing it in a one-go.
> We are on 18.08.7 at the moment (db, controller, clients)
> We’d like to do it in a phased approach.
> Stop communication between controller and slurmdbd while updating 
> slurmdbd to 19.05.X.
> Concurrently, we will update our primary controller to 19.05.X while the 
> back-up controller will take-over the primary’s chores. (and then the 
> back-up controller will also be upgraded to 19.05.X)
> Once primary controller has been updated to 19.05.X, obviously it 
> assumes back the cluster but the clients will still be 18.08.7 will 
> there be any issues with this set-up and consequently if this works, we 
> will choose a subset of clients and upgrade them to 19.05.X while the 
> others will be on 18.08.7 until all the clients have been upgraded to 
> 19.05.X.
> My question is will the process/set-up above work? Will the clients 
> still be able to communicate to the controller without any unintended 
> effect or issues? Has anyone done this process?
> Once all the controllers and clients are upgraded to 19.05.X, resume 
> communication between the controllers and the slurmdbd.
> While doing the upgrade the following scenario will take place.
> slurmdbd - 19.05.X (but not communicating with the controllers)
> slurmctld - 19.05.X
> {slurmd..} - 18.08.7
> {slurmd..}- 19.05.X
> Thanks all for your feedback/comments.

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