[slurm-users] X11 Forwarding speed

Miha Verlic ml at krneki.org
Thu Oct 17 11:20:02 UTC 2019


I'm testing X11 forwarding and it seems it runs *much* slower if I run
it through Slurm as opposed to running it via ssh forwarding.

For example, running ANSYS via srun gives me extremely laggy, unusable

login ~]$ env --unset LD_PRELOAD srun --pty --x11 bash
node ~]$ unset SLURM_GTIDS
node ~]$ module load ANSYS
node ~]$ runwb2

...but if I allocate node and ssh into it, output is considerably faster
and interface is much more responsive:

login ~]$ env --unset LD_PRELOAD salloc
login ~]$ ssh -X node
node ~]$ module load ANSYS
node ~]$ runwb2

Is there any way to speed up or debug X11 forwarding via Slurm?


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