[slurm-users] Removing user from slurm configuration

Marcus Wagner wagner at itc.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Oct 10 12:53:16 UTC 2019

Hi Ole,

in fact, the user does not become deleted but gets a "deleted" flag in 
the database.
The advantage is, if you recreate the user, he gets the same internal id.

if you REALLY want to get rid of that user, you might need to manipulate 
the SQL Database. I emphasize though, not to do that, as I don't know, 
if there are some hooks I cannot see now.
What happens e.g., if you update the database (upgrade slurm from 17.11 
to 19.05 e.g.) and you have jobs or associations connected with users, 
that don't exist anymore.
I think, that is one of the reasons, why schedmd just flags the user as 
deleted in the SQL database.


On 10/10/19 2:22 PM, Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
> sacctmgr delete user XXX
> I would also like to mention my Slurm account and user updating tools:
> https://github.com/OleHolmNielsen/Slurm_tools/tree/master/slurmaccounts
> /Ole
> On 10/10/19 1:41 PM, Mahmood Naderan wrote:
>> Hi
>> I had created multiple test users, and then removed them.
>> However, I see they are still present in slurm database. How can I 
>> remove them?
>> # sacctmgr list association format=account,user
>>     Account       User
>> ---------- ----------
>>        root
>>        root       root
>>       local
>>       local    mahmood
>>       local     teshyt
>>       local       test
>>       local     test10
>>       local     test11
>>       local     test12

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