[slurm-users] Slurm version 19.05.3 is now available

Tim Wickberg tim at schedmd.com
Thu Oct 3 19:43:47 UTC 2019

Slurm version 19.05.3 is now available, and includes a series of fixes 
since 19.05.2 was released nearly two months ago.

Downloads are available at https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php .

Release notes follow below.

- Tim

Tim Wickberg
Chief Technology Officer, SchedMD LLC
Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 19.05.3
> ==========================
>  -- Fix missing check from conversion of cray -> cray_aries.
>  -- Improve job state reason string when required nodes are not available by
>     not including those that don't belong to the job partition.
>  -- Set a more appropriate ESLURM_RESERVATION_MAINT job state reason for jobs
>     requesting feature(s) and required nodes are in a maintenance reservation.
>  -- Fix logic to better handle maintenance reservations.
>  -- Add spank options to cache in remote callback.
>  -- Enforce the use of spank_option_getopt().
>  -- Fix select plugins' will run test under-allocating nodes usage for
>     completing jobs.
>  -- Nodes in COMPLETING state treated as being currently available for job
>     will-run test.
>  -- Cray - fix contribs slurm.conf.j2 with updated cray_aries plugin names.
>  -- job_submit/lua - fix problem where nil was expected for min_mem_per_cpu.
>  -- Fix extra, unaccounted TRESRunMins usage created by heterogeneous jobs when
>     running with the priority/multifactor plugin.
>  -- Detach threads once they are done to avoid having to join them
>     in track scripts code.
>  -- Handle situation where a slurmctld tries to communicate with slurmdbd more
>     than once at the same time.
>  -- Fix XOR/XAND features like cpu&fastio&[knl|westmere] to be resolved
>     correctly.
>  -- Don't update [min|max]_exit_code on job array task requeue.
>  -- Don't assume the first node of a job is the batch host when testing if the
>     job's allocated nodes are booted/ready.
>  -- Make --batch=<feature> requests wait for all nodes to be booted so that it
>     can choose the batch host after the nodes have been booted -- possibly with
>     different features.
>  -- Fix talking to batch host on it's protocol version when using --batch.
>  -- gres/mic plugin - add missing fini() function to clean up plugin state.
>  -- Move _validate_node_choice() before prolog/epilog check.
>  -- Look forward one week while create new reservation.
>  -- Set mising resv_desc.flags before call _select_nodes().
>  -- Use correct start_time for TIME_FLOAT reservation in _job_overlap().
>  -- Properly enforce a job's mem-per-cpu option when allocate the node
>     exclusively to that job.
>  -- sched/backfill - clear estimated sched_nodes as done for start_time.
>  -- Have safe_[read|write] handle EAGAIN and EINTR.
>  -- Fix checking for flag with logical AND.
>  -- Correct "extern" definition of variable if compiling with __APPLE__.
>  -- Deprecate FastSchedule. FastSchedule will be removed in 20.02.
>     The FastSchedule=2 functionality (used for testing and development) has
>     been retained as the new SlurmdParameters=config_overrides option.
>  -- Fix preemption issue when picking nodes for a feature job request.
>  -- Fix race condition preventing held array job from getting a db_index.
>  -- Fix select/cons_tres gres code infinite loop leaving slurmctld unresponsive.
>  -- Remove redefinition of global variable in gres.c
>  -- Fix issue where GPU devices are denied access when MPS is enabled.
>  -- Fix uninitialized errors when compiling with CFLAGS="--coverage".
>  -- Fix scancel --full for proctrack/cgroups.
>  -- Fix sdiag backfill last and mean queue length stats.
>  -- Do not remove batch host when resizing/shrinking a batch job.
>  -- nss_slurm - fix file descriptor leaks.
>  -- Fix preemption for jobs using complex feature requests
>     (e.g. -C "[rack1*2&rack2*4]").
>  -- Fix memory leaks in preemption when jobs request multiple features.
>  -- Allow Operator users to show/fix runaways.
>  -- Disallow coordinators to show/fix runaways.
>  -- mpi/pmi2 - increase array len to avoid buffer size exceeded error.
>  -- Preserve rebooting node's nextstate when updating state with scontrol.
>  -- Fully merge slurm.conf and gres.conf before node_config_load().
>  -- Remove FastSchedule dependence from gres.conf's AutoDetect=nvml.
>  -- Forbid mix of typed and untyped GRES of same name in slurm.conf.
>  -- cons_tres: Prevent creating a job without CPUs.
>  -- Prevent underflow when filtering cores with gres.
>  -- proctrack/cray_aries: use current pid instead of thread if we're in a fork.
>  -- Fix missing check for prolog launch credential creation failure that can
>     lead to segfaults

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