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Just install the default CentOS RPM package environment-modules and play with it. If you're at home in bash you'll pick it up in minutes.

All default modules will be put in /usr/share/Modules/modulefiles or /etc/modulefiles for CentOS but you can add new locations (in a cluster you'd put it on the shared filesystem, so all nodes can have immediate access after installing it there)

For the correct syntax for environment modules , just check out some default modulefiles ; install the CentOS openmpi package and look at the file /etc/modulefiles/mpi/openmpi-x86_64 for some of the possibilities with modulefiles , although there's a lot more possible, such as automatically loading of dependent modules

Hope this helps

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Hi all

I am setting up for the first time a cluster with Slurm in Centos7 with
1 headnode and 12 nodes.

The cluster is operational but I need to install and configure
environment modules.

Could you advise me some documentation about it?

Thanks in advance.


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Universidad Nacional de San Martín
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