[slurm-users] sacct: job state code CANCELLED+

Loris Bennett loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 15 10:06:09 UTC 2019

Hi Uwe,

Uwe Seher <uwe.seher at gmail.com> writes:

> Hello!
> Whats the meaning of the plus sign? I can not fand anything in the documentation. This is the full output when a job is cancelled:
>     277                      1808_Modell_107        vh1 CANCELLED+  UNLIMITED 2019-11-14T11:28:39 2019-11-14T13:12:06   01:43:27     1    15                       
>     277.ba+                           batch             CANCELLED            2019-11-14T11:28:39 2019-11-14T13:12:07   01:43:28     1    15                        
>     277.0                             orted                FAILED            2019-11-14T11:28:58 2019-11-14T13:12:06   01:43:08     1     1                      

If the contents of the column wider the column, they
will truncated - this is indicated by the '+'.

You can increase the width via the '-o' option, e.g.

  sacct -o jobid%20,jobname%50,state%30



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