[slurm-users] Problem with accounting/slurmdbd

Uwe Seher uwe.seher at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 10:10:05 UTC 2019

I like zu use accounting via slurmdbd/mariadb and have some problems with
connection to the database.
When i try to connect via sacct or ascctmgr as a non-root user the
connection is completely refused:

sacctmgr: add cluster MPI_IBK
 Adding Cluster(s)
  Name           = mpi_ibk
Would you like to commit changes? (You have 30 seconds to decide)
(N/y): y
 Problem adding clusters: Access/permission denied

I think this has something to do with the second problem, when trying
to use sacctmgr as root.

sacctmgr: add cluster name=mpi_ibk
 Adding Cluster(s)
  Name           = mpi_ibk
Would you like to commit changes? (You have 30 seconds to decide)
(N/y): y

 Database is busy or waiting for lock from other user.

The first problem is caused by the lack of a configuration, as default
only a user 'root' is configured in the database which can start some
transactions. But for the second one i have no idea, the database is
used only for slurm, i can log in with the configured user, all
deamons are restarted and working fine.
The authentication inside slurm should work with the default munge
service and i think this is also working in a kind of way, because the
connection seems to be established. But i can not do any
configuration, so no further logging is possible. Below are some
further infomations.

Thank you in advance for some hints concerning this issue.


Uwe Seher

The accounting setup in slurm.conf is the following:

 # file

sacctmgr show configuration shows this:

sacctmgr show configuration
Configuration data as of 2019-11-11T10:58:04
AccountingStorageBackupHost  = (null)
AccountingStorageHost  = localhost
AccountingStorageLoc   = N/A
AccountingStoragePass  = (null)
AccountingStoragePort  = 6819
AccountingStorageType  = accounting_storage/slurmdbd
AccountingStorageUser  = N/A
AuthType               = auth/munge
MessageTimeout         = 10 sec
PluginDir              = /usr/lib64/slurm
PrivateData            = none
SlurmUserId            = slurm(400)
SLURM_CONF             = /etc/slurm/slurm.conf
SLURM_VERSION          = 17.11.13
TCPTimeout             = 2 sec
TrackWCKey             = 0

SlurmDBD configuration:
ArchiveDir             = /tmp
ArchiveEvents          = No
ArchiveJobs            = No
ArchiveResvs           = No
ArchiveScript          = (null)
ArchiveSteps           = No
ArchiveSuspend         = No
ArchiveTXN             = No
ArchiveUsage           = No
AuthInfo               = (null)
AuthType               = auth/munge
BOOT_TIME              = 2019-11-11T09:29:01
CommitDelay            = No
DbdAddr                = localhost
DbdBackupHost          = (null)
DbdHost                = localhost
DbdPort                = 6819
DebugFlags             = (null)
DebugLevel             = verbose
DebugLevelSyslog       = quiet
DefaultQOS             = (null)
LogFile                = /var/log/slurmdbd.log
MaxQueryTimeRange      = UNLIMITED
MessageTimeout         = 10 secs
PidFile                = /var/run/slurm/slurmdbd.pid
PluginDir              = /usr/lib64/slurm
PrivateData            = none
PurgeEventAfter        = NONE
PurgeJobAfter          = NONE
PurgeResvAfter         = NONE
PurgeStepAfter         = NONE
PurgeSuspendAfter      = NONE
PurgeTXNAfter          = NONE
PurgeUsageAfter        = NONE
SLURMDBD_CONF          = /etc/slurm/slurmdbd.conf
SLURMDBD_VERSION       = 17.11.13
SlurmUser              = slurm(400)
StorageBackupHost      = (null)
StorageHost            = localhost
StorageLoc             = slurm_acct_db
StoragePort            = 3306
StorageType            = accounting_storage/mysql
StorageUser            = slurm
TCPTimeout             = 2 secs
TrackWCKey             = No
TrackSlurmctldDown     = No
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